Thursday, October 13, 2016

PBL Artifact

Recently we were learning about asking questions. When you ask questions you learn things you haven't learnt before. Asking questions is a great way to gather information and communicate. We have also had to research the things we have chosen to learn about. I chose to learn about the Jaguar. While researching we also learned how to take notes. We gathered information by reading books, watching videos and looking on the internet. Key words are also something we used to describe something in a way that we didn't have to describe it all in a boring long sentence. I also did a report about the jaguar. In my report I tell the reader the ways the tiger hunt as well as many other things like their habitat and what they look like. Here is my report.

                                                    The Jaguar
Have you ever wondered what jaguars live like in the wild rainforest? Well in this little article you will learn a lot of things about the jaguar. This piece is about their habitat, hunting, what they look like, jaguar facts and the threats to the jaguar. This will help you learn about the rainforest and jaguars a bit. You will also read about deforestation and what we are doing by chopping down trees just for our own good. Enjoy what you are about to read. Learning is fun so enjoy!

The jaguar once roamed from Argentina to South America, and all the way to a grand canyon in Arizona. They have almost all been eliminated from the United States. All species of jaguar are being endangered. They live in habitats including deciduous forests, ( Deciduous is like a tree with no green leaves that will drop their leaves in winter )   rainforests, swamps, pampas grasslands and mountain scrub area. Some jaguars also live and sleep in trees. With their powerful claws and their powerful legs they can climb up the trees and be safe. That is why trees are so important to animals like the jaguar.

Hunting prey
Animals such as jaguars, eat meat as they are known to be carnivores. A nice meal for the jaguar is deer and other animals they can catch. Small rodents are also something the jaguar likes to eat. Pretty much anything they can catch they will eat. The fierce jaguar will use their powerful claws to climb up trees to catch sloths. They will also go to a pond and catch fish for them to eat. Crocodiles are another thing that jaguars will eat. They must have to put up a good fight to be able to kill and eat those mean vicious reptiles. Their powerful jaws help them to catch prey when they are on the move.

What they look like
All jaguars have distinctive donut shaped rings on their fur. On the underside of their bellies they have a lighter shade of fur. Their tails curve round like a normal house cats tail.  Its coat is normally yellow and tan. Jaguars look similar to the cheetah, look for the big black donut shaped rings on the yellow tan fur and that's how you can tell that it is not a cheetah and it is a jaguar. The jaguar can run up to 64 miles per hour.
Distinctive features
  • Brown rings on yellow tan fur
  • Long tail for balancing when leaping
  • Claws not seen when resting ‘retractable’
  • Sensitive whiskers

Jaguar facts

Jaguars can be recognised by looks because of their distinctive detailed fur. Did you know the panthers are just black furred jaguars?

Baby jaguars are called cubs, so are baby lions and baby tigers. Cubs are born with eyelids that are sealed shut. After a few weeks the cubs eyes will slowly open their eyes and be able to see for the very first time. Six months later when the cubs are all grown up, the mother will teach the cubs how to hunt and catch prey so that they don't starve. What did you think was interesting in these facts?

We are the biggest threats to jaguars. Because of us chopping down trees, jaguars are coming closer to extinction. Not only are we affecting the population of jaguar, we are also affecting the population of people. We chop down trees so we can make houses, shops and even schools. Is there anything we can do to help the population of both people and jaguars? Yes, we need to recycle more and be respectful to our country’s and what we already have that some people don’t. Change the way you think about animals and others. Be more respectful. We need to stop chopping down all the trees because it's like destroying someone's home. We wouldn’t like it if giant jaguars came and destroyed our homes would we? No, so stop chopping down trees and recycle!


I wonder, now that you have read about the jaguar, if you will share your knowledge on the jaguar with your friends and family. How much did you learn about the jaguar? Some of the facts I have shared with you are my prior knowledge. While learning about where jaguars live, hunting, what they look like, facts and threats, did you notice anything you might have already known? Not only did I teach you, I also learnt some facts about jaguars that I didn’t already know that I then taught you those facts. What did you learn about the jaguar?

PBL Artefact
This is my artefact I made for my pbl learning. I chose to do it about the jaguar because it was something I am interested in. I had to work hard to get it done to a gold level quality. I have gone and printed out the paragraphs from my report and glued them onto my artefact. The materials I used were 3 pieces of card, dark and light green as well as brown coloured pencils, sharpies, felt to make the jaguar and some glue and scissors to put it all together. Something I will work harder on next time is focusing and to not get distracted. I had to use my interdependence muscle and my revising muscles to help me with my report and  artefact.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


BANG! Went the sound of car doors slamming in the stillness of a foggy winter morning. The car revved into motion as the engine gurgled and roared, fighting the cold to start. “ Off we go FeeFee and Amz” giggled mum excitedly. I started to daydream about what is looming in the future. Mum started to russell around on the dashboard. “ LOLLIES! MUMS GOT LOLLIES FAITH!” Shouted Amy excitedly.
In minutes we were surrounded by all shades of green and the smell of fresh country grass.  “Maraetotara” explained a sign on the side of the road. Five minutes away from the sign we passed the Maraetotara falls. A very scary thing happened next. As we were on the unlined road a logging truck came onto our side. Luckily they managed to pull back over their side JUST in time to not hit us.
My sister hopped out of the car to open the gate which lead onto a steep gravel driveway. My oldest sister was standing outside of a small cottage like house. “Welcome to our house” barked the dog named Arthur with a leap of excitement and joy. “Come on in and I can get you all something to eat while you're here.” Mum helped me grab my stuff out of the boot of the car before we trailed away inside.
“ Faith, would you like to go and put your things in the office? That is where you will be sleeping while you’re here” explained my oldest sister. Oh yeah and by the way my oldest sister's name is Beth.  So off I went avoiding some of the furniture that is in the hall because they only just moved in last week. I am here because I am helping them with the rest of the moving in. I plonked my thing on the floor by the door.
The room was lit by the computer. There are curtains but they aren’t open just now. I strolled over to open them but something stopped me in my path. A black shadow was standing behind me tugging at my shirt. “Whhhhoooo….. Arrrrrreeee…….. Yoooouuuu” asked a shaky faded voice. I was frozen on the spot, horror struck. It was almost like all the blood in my body had been replaced with ice. “ Who are you? Why are you in this house? LET GO OF ME” I screamed at the top of my voice.
Everyone came rushing to my aid. When they entered the dark, dim lit room, they saw that I was actually being protected by the shaggy figure. “ I will not let you hurt this small girl you call Faith” Murmured the figure. “ We have come to help her” replied my mum. “ Can you please stop protecting me now? You can play with me if you want but try not to scare me next time.”
We all exited the scary dim lit room into the filled hallway.
Night fell very quick after mum drove back home. Beth's husband, my brother in law, came home. “ Shall we have take away for dinner?” asked my brother in law. His name is Duncan. We drove out to the village with three of the dogs. A boy, named Oden, A girl, named Jess ( short for Jessica) and another  boy which was Arthur. It was a packed journey, rather an exciting one too.
We arrived at the fish ‘n’ chips shop. When we ordered our food, the lady was so rude to my sister Beth. We were kept waiting for half an hour while other people got served when they arrived after us! Finally our food was ready. Talking about ready, we headed of to the beach. “ Let’s go to Waimarama Beach instead of Ocean Beach” I suggested.
We had arrived at the beach about twenty minutes later. The dogs scurried about in the sand pushing their way between the rocks in search for animals to play with. The sound of eating filled the area. Hopping back in the car, I was being sat on by Jess.
Home, finally, after a long trip to the beach.
Minecraft music was playing on the Xbox as it was being set up. “Here is your controller Faith” said Duncan. We played Minecraft for about an hour devouring sweets as we built. Movies were watched after Minecraft was played.
It was time for sleep. I curled up in a ball, thinking about the figure. Apparently a guy named Frederick died there. Was it him?
Morning fell quickly as I snored my head off in the bedroom. I packed my stuff incase I had to go home early. The next thing I knew we were driving back home. I had a lovely time there. Will I get to go back to go and stay again and will Frederick make another appearance?

I am proud of my writing because I have added in some clues to see if the reader could figure out who was the ghost but then I told the reader at the end. Next time I think I will add more detail into the text when the people or things arrive somewhere I describe what the area is around them and what city and country they are in. Something that challenged me was getting all of the detail into what the figure looked liked and how it spoke. I hope you enjoy my story!

Monday, June 27, 2016



In Totara Whanau we have been learning what Matariki is and what it means. Matariki is a group of seven stars seen in New Zealand in late June or early May. The names of the star are Uru-a-rangi, Tupu-a-rangi, Matariki, Tupa-a-nuka, Waipuna-a-rangi, Waita and Waiti. Matariki is also a time to get together and celabrate the Maori new year! It can be celabrated in many different ways. This year at parkvale all the nui ( the seniors ) had different workshops. Thank you to all the teachers that organised all the nice things we did for Matariki.

This year when we were calebrating  Matariki by doing workshops. The workshops were Kite making in the hall, sewing, carving, sharing kai, cooking, weaving,  mural, Kohatu , tukutuku panels and planting. I chose to do Kite making in the hall. The people in my group were very helpful and enjoyed helping me with the part of the kite I was working on. When lunch time came around everyone in Totara Hub went to the hall for some Kai. We had fried bread and fish pie. It was delicious! I hope you enjoy the photos with their captions!

Lucas, Ben, Sky, Niamh and Mr Cottrell are working together to make
their kite.

I am the only one looking at the camera!

Look at them problem solving!

Paige is helping them with their kite! What a nice
thing to do.

Jack is doing great!

                      Thank you for reading my blog post. Stay tuned for more great Totara blog posts!

Maths task

½ of 32 =16
1/2 = .50= 50%

¼ of 36=9
¼ = .25=25%
¼ of 28=8
1/4 = .25=25%

⅓ of 60=20

WALT use our factors. In maths we have been learning what factors are and how to use them. We had to do a task where we also added in the fractions, decimals and persentages. This challenged me alot and I had to use my calabarating muscels to help me through it. Micheal helped me with understanding what the feedback meant. Today in maths I used my revising learning muscle to complete my maths task to a gold level by going in and making changes to my learning. I worked on my maths task when I wanted a break from other learning expierienses. I needed alot of help from my classmates and the teacher for this task. But in the end I managed to complete it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Miniball is a fun and exiting sport. Here is a picture of some kids playing miniball at a stadium.

It is a bit like basketball except the hoops are lower. At the start when the ball is thrown in you have to do three passes before you are allowed to score a goal. I play at the Hastings Sport Centre along Railway Road on Tuesdays after school. When you play Miniball you get really sweaty when you are playing. It is good to stay hydrated so you don't faint because you're too hot. I enjoy playing miniball because it is a sport where you have to work together as a team. Each game before halftime is about fifteen minutes. When we play we have bands on our rists which let us know what person is our mark. You are only allowed to hit the ball out of your marks hand otherwise it will be the other teams ball. The rules are: Only whack the ball out of your marks hands, have fun and do the best you can! That is really all there is to miniball. But sometimes the same schools play against each other, when that happens one of the teams will wear bibs which will make it easyer to know who is in your team. The main key in miniball is to keep your eye on the ball and your mark 24/7! In miniball you can strech your learming muscels in mulitible ways. Hopefully by reading this blog post you will learn alot about miniball.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Procedure Writing

Procedural writing
WALT write instructions for the reader to follow
Success Criteria
Give an explanation about how the instructions will help you (introduction)
Write an equipment or ingredients list
Begin each instruction with a verb (an action word)
Use specific vocabulary
Order instructions so they are easy to follow

Do you know that milk can be made into a lot of things?. In this piece of writing you will learn lots about  milk like making your own ice cream!  I am going to teach you how to make your very own vanilla ice cream! It will be scrumdidlyumptious!
Things you need
  • 30g of sugar
  • 2 cups of salt
  • ¼ of a cap of vanilla
  • ½ a cup of milk
  • Crushed ice
  • One big zip lock bag and one small zip lock bag.
Steps to making your ice cream
  • Grab your big zip lock bag and get someone to pour the crushed ice until the bag is ½ full.
  • You will now need to grab  your big bag.  ½ full with ice then pour in your 2 cups of salt to make the ice colder so it’s a bit like a freezer.
  • You have completed your first two steps! Grab your small zip lock bag.
  • You will then need to carefully pour your milk into the small bag.

  • Take your ¼ of a cap of vanilla and swiftly tip it into your bag of milk then seal your bag.
  • Take the sealed small bag and put it in the bi bag that has the ice and the salt in, then seal the big bag that will now have your small bag inside.
  • Shake the bags until the milk inside turns ice creamy.
  • Most importantly enjoy!

WALT write instructions for the reader so they can make their own vanilla ice cream. Next time I could of added more detail into the steps so they were easyer(easier) to follow. I was challenged by beginning my steps with a verb. I think that the ice cream was good apart from the fact that it tasted salty. I think some of the salt got in the ice cream bag. We were all taking turns at taking pictures if the steps and what it should look like. I would like to thank Mrs H for arranging for us to make ice cream. Thank you Mrs H if you are reading this!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I am poem

I am…

Success Criteria

Use a thesaurus to choose the best vocabulary

Choose the best nouns for the poem

Choose the best adjectives to describe some nouns

Leave the reader thinking about your poem by sharing what it inside you
I am a positive person.
I wonder how many people like playing in the bush like me.
I hear the sound of birds chirping all around me when I am in the bush.
I see Tui’s and Bellbirds leaping from branch to branch.
I want to inspire others to write amazing stories.
I am a positive person.
I pretend that I am a tiger prowling through the thick tall stalks of grass in the forest.
I feel wet soggy leaves brushing on my face when I gallop around outside.
I touch the trees to feel the different textures of the  bark.
I worry that we are polluting the air with all our food factories and cars.
I cry when I am hurt.
I am a positive person.
I understand that people are afraid to try new things.
I say things that will brighten up people's day.

I dream of becoming an author like Roald Dahl.

I try to make things the best that they can be.

I hope that one day I will become an extremely good author.
I am a positive person.

We have been learning to describe ourselfs in poetry by saying what we dream of and what we try to do. I am proud of my I am poem because I put a lot of effort into it. My goal for next time is to put more detail in each sentence to tell the reader a bit more about me. Something that challenged me was thinking about what I like to do because I like to do alot of things. The adjectives I used are prowling, polluting, and textures. I had alot of fun making my I am poem. I hope that the people that are reading will learn a little more about me and my p.