Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trapdoor writing

I am blogging this because I am proud of it and I put a lot of effort in. I love what I did with the ending. I am proud of this story because it was based on a horror game called Five Nights At Freddy's. Next time, I could add in more detail like what happened to the security guard.I enjoyed writing this story because I got to play around with the characters a bit. I have been learning to hook the reader in and put a picture in their mind by going back into my writing and adding tiny bits of detail.

The pizza trap door
Chapter 1: The trap door.
Walking down the path of the jungle I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was a sign infront of a bridge.Carefully I jogged over to the sign before I crossed the bridge incase there was something dangerous, it said “ Edinburgh Castle across the bridge. Enter at own risk.” Well that doesn’t sound good at all, I thought. On the other side there was just a pile of bricks. But I hadn’t noticed that there was a trap door. I could hardly see the trap door due to the amount of thick dust that was on top of it. Dusting  the trap door off with my sleeve I noticed there was a handle , I carefully lifted up the extraordinarily heavy metal door. Creek, as I opened the trap door the smell of pizza came from wherever the trap door led to. As I opened the trap door a ladder unfolded. Through the tiny gap I could see that the trap door led to the sewers. I was curious and I wanted to go down inside the sewers to see what was making the cheesy smell.
                                    Chapter 2: Entering the sewers.
Gradually I made my way down the ladder. Half way down the ladder you have to leap off the ladder and over to the side so you don’t end up going in the pooey water. There was a dim light at the end of the sewer pipe. The light was coming from a doorway that might lead to the place where the pizza smell was coming from. Slowly but surely I made my way down the sewers. It was all slippery and slimey. When I finally reached the end of the sewers there was a sign saying “ Freddy Fazbear's pizzaria.” “ I know that name from somewhere. But where did I hear that name” I said aloud. I heard a voice coming from wherever the doorway led. It said “ we must find a way to get the security guard”. I wonder who the security guard is.
                                      Chapter 3: Going into the pizzeria.
Slowly I walked through the doorway. The smell of pizza was getting stronger every step I took. When I was through I noticed out of the corner of my eye there was a stage. But there was something weird about the stage. There were people standing still playing a creepy song, but how were they playing the song if they weren’t moving. There were thousands of little cupcakes on the tables. They started getting up when no one was there. Even the things on the stage started moving, one of them made a creaking sound when he got up from his drumset. Finally I noticed that they were the animatronic crew from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror themed game. The one from the drumset is called Foxy and the one that plays the electric guitar is called Freddy Fazbear. Carefully I stepped towards a door that said “Janitor's office flip the sign around!” So that's what I did then it said “GET OUT!” I went in anyway and I saw and old man sitting on a chair he said to me “ Get out of here you will get killed by them” I ran for my life. I tried opening the door that led to the tunnel but it wouldn’t budge because Foxy’s hook was jammed in it.I tried pulling the hook out but it was stuck. Will I ever be able to escape and live longer?
                                     To be continued……...


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  1. What an amazing imagination you have, Faith. Not sure about the combination of pizza smells and sewer smells - hmmmm, hopefully the pizza smell was a lot stronger and nicer than the other smells! Can't wait to read the next installment.....