Monday, June 27, 2016



In Totara Whanau we have been learning what Matariki is and what it means. Matariki is a group of seven stars seen in New Zealand in late June or early May. The names of the star are Uru-a-rangi, Tupu-a-rangi, Matariki, Tupa-a-nuka, Waipuna-a-rangi, Waita and Waiti. Matariki is also a time to get together and celabrate the Maori new year! It can be celabrated in many different ways. This year at parkvale all the nui ( the seniors ) had different workshops. Thank you to all the teachers that organised all the nice things we did for Matariki.

This year when we were calebrating  Matariki by doing workshops. The workshops were Kite making in the hall, sewing, carving, sharing kai, cooking, weaving,  mural, Kohatu , tukutuku panels and planting. I chose to do Kite making in the hall. The people in my group were very helpful and enjoyed helping me with the part of the kite I was working on. When lunch time came around everyone in Totara Hub went to the hall for some Kai. We had fried bread and fish pie. It was delicious! I hope you enjoy the photos with their captions!

Lucas, Ben, Sky, Niamh and Mr Cottrell are working together to make
their kite.

I am the only one looking at the camera!

Look at them problem solving!

Paige is helping them with their kite! What a nice
thing to do.

Jack is doing great!

                      Thank you for reading my blog post. Stay tuned for more great Totara blog posts!

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  1. I am learning a lot from your blog posts Faith. I didn't know about the significance of the 7 stars for Matariki. When I was growing up in England I remember seeing the star formation in the sky. It was known to us as 'The Seven Sisters'. It is so cool to learn all these years later about the importance of these stars for New Zealanders.