Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Miniball is a fun and exiting sport. Here is a picture of some kids playing miniball at a stadium.

It is a bit like basketball except the hoops are lower. At the start when the ball is thrown in you have to do three passes before you are allowed to score a goal. I play at the Hastings Sport Centre along Railway Road on Tuesdays after school. When you play Miniball you get really sweaty when you are playing. It is good to stay hydrated so you don't faint because you're too hot. I enjoy playing miniball because it is a sport where you have to work together as a team. Each game before halftime is about fifteen minutes. When we play we have bands on our rists which let us know what person is our mark. You are only allowed to hit the ball out of your marks hand otherwise it will be the other teams ball. The rules are: Only whack the ball out of your marks hands, have fun and do the best you can! That is really all there is to miniball. But sometimes the same schools play against each other, when that happens one of the teams will wear bibs which will make it easyer to know who is in your team. The main key in miniball is to keep your eye on the ball and your mark 24/7! In miniball you can strech your learming muscels in mulitible ways. Hopefully by reading this blog post you will learn alot about miniball.


  1. Ah ha! Now I understand - thank you for explaining the rules of miniball so clearly Faith. I wish I'd known this before watching you play because I would have known more about what was happening! Well done to you and your team for your win yesterday. :)

  2. Great job Faith you explained the rules really well.