Sunday, August 14, 2016


BANG! Went the sound of car doors slamming in the stillness of a foggy winter morning. The car revved into motion as the engine gurgled and roared, fighting the cold to start. “ Off we go FeeFee and Amz” giggled mum excitedly. I started to daydream about what is looming in the future. Mum started to russell around on the dashboard. “ LOLLIES! MUMS GOT LOLLIES FAITH!” Shouted Amy excitedly.
In minutes we were surrounded by all shades of green and the smell of fresh country grass.  “Maraetotara” explained a sign on the side of the road. Five minutes away from the sign we passed the Maraetotara falls. A very scary thing happened next. As we were on the unlined road a logging truck came onto our side. Luckily they managed to pull back over their side JUST in time to not hit us.
My sister hopped out of the car to open the gate which lead onto a steep gravel driveway. My oldest sister was standing outside of a small cottage like house. “Welcome to our house” barked the dog named Arthur with a leap of excitement and joy. “Come on in and I can get you all something to eat while you're here.” Mum helped me grab my stuff out of the boot of the car before we trailed away inside.
“ Faith, would you like to go and put your things in the office? That is where you will be sleeping while you’re here” explained my oldest sister. Oh yeah and by the way my oldest sister's name is Beth.  So off I went avoiding some of the furniture that is in the hall because they only just moved in last week. I am here because I am helping them with the rest of the moving in. I plonked my thing on the floor by the door.
The room was lit by the computer. There are curtains but they aren’t open just now. I strolled over to open them but something stopped me in my path. A black shadow was standing behind me tugging at my shirt. “Whhhhoooo….. Arrrrrreeee…….. Yoooouuuu” asked a shaky faded voice. I was frozen on the spot, horror struck. It was almost like all the blood in my body had been replaced with ice. “ Who are you? Why are you in this house? LET GO OF ME” I screamed at the top of my voice.
Everyone came rushing to my aid. When they entered the dark, dim lit room, they saw that I was actually being protected by the shaggy figure. “ I will not let you hurt this small girl you call Faith” Murmured the figure. “ We have come to help her” replied my mum. “ Can you please stop protecting me now? You can play with me if you want but try not to scare me next time.”
We all exited the scary dim lit room into the filled hallway.
Night fell very quick after mum drove back home. Beth's husband, my brother in law, came home. “ Shall we have take away for dinner?” asked my brother in law. His name is Duncan. We drove out to the village with three of the dogs. A boy, named Oden, A girl, named Jess ( short for Jessica) and another  boy which was Arthur. It was a packed journey, rather an exciting one too.
We arrived at the fish ‘n’ chips shop. When we ordered our food, the lady was so rude to my sister Beth. We were kept waiting for half an hour while other people got served when they arrived after us! Finally our food was ready. Talking about ready, we headed of to the beach. “ Let’s go to Waimarama Beach instead of Ocean Beach” I suggested.
We had arrived at the beach about twenty minutes later. The dogs scurried about in the sand pushing their way between the rocks in search for animals to play with. The sound of eating filled the area. Hopping back in the car, I was being sat on by Jess.
Home, finally, after a long trip to the beach.
Minecraft music was playing on the Xbox as it was being set up. “Here is your controller Faith” said Duncan. We played Minecraft for about an hour devouring sweets as we built. Movies were watched after Minecraft was played.
It was time for sleep. I curled up in a ball, thinking about the figure. Apparently a guy named Frederick died there. Was it him?
Morning fell quickly as I snored my head off in the bedroom. I packed my stuff incase I had to go home early. The next thing I knew we were driving back home. I had a lovely time there. Will I get to go back to go and stay again and will Frederick make another appearance?

I am proud of my writing because I have added in some clues to see if the reader could figure out who was the ghost but then I told the reader at the end. Next time I think I will add more detail into the text when the people or things arrive somewhere I describe what the area is around them and what city and country they are in. Something that challenged me was getting all of the detail into what the figure looked liked and how it spoke. I hope you enjoy my story!

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